Consultancy and Advisory

Quality Management 05

As a long-term partner, we assist in developing and implementing Food Safety Culture. The "Food Safety Culture Model" we have in place is employed to bring a total change in the attitude of people towards Food Safety.

We offer consultancy and advisory services to our clients in the manufacturing sector on safety, quality and productivity for improvement in the existing systems with the objective to assist in achieving the organisational goal and meet present and future competition and demands.
SQP Consultants assist in developing, implementing, maintaining and upgrading safety and quality management system based on international standards such as:

• ISO 9001 (Quality)
• ISO 9001 2015 (Transition)
• ISO 14001 (Environmental)
• ISO 18001 (Health and Safety)
• ISO 22000 / FSSC 22000 / BRC
• Updating Food Safety and Quality Management System
• Internal Quality Audits and Supply Chain Management

We work on a complete project as well by conducting the gap analysis and suggest proposal and finally. Later complete framework is developed, people are trained with relevant information on quality and safety at various axis depending on the positions and job responsibility in the organisation. Achievements are regularly monitored to measure the performance against targets.

Apart from services on food safety and quality management system, we offer services other manufacturing businesses as well e.g. cosmetics, furniture, glass, services sector etc.


RSPH Green


We follow the process based approach where people from the shop floor are trained on basics of standards relevant to their work and job responsibilities. Therefore maximum time is spent with the people on the shop-floor to achieve the planned objectives. We provide training services to our clients to upgrade knowledge and skills in various disciplines of manufacturing and services such as:

• Food Safety Management Level 2, 3 and 4
• HACCP Level 1, 2, 3 and 4
• Internal Quality Audits (QMS)
• Management Information System on Safety and Quality
• Manual Handling

• 5 S Implementation • Quality Management in Food Manufacturing


We conduct both in the house and out of site training. In case of onsite training where all the participants are from same organisation or manufacturing disciplines, we change our training materials based on the live examples and manufacturing practices of our client. It helps an active participation and involvement of the delegates making the training more effective in terms of applied knowledge and skills.


In terms of cost, we are quite competitive in the market.